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Common Questions 

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How many dogs do you watch at once?

Every day is different.  Most days we have between one and three guests. during the holidays there can be more.  Remember, they are all small dogs...they don't take up much room!  And we love to have them here with us.

If my dog needs to go to the vet. Can you take her?

Of course! We have a good relationship with Harborside Veterinary Hospital which is less than two blocks away. Any guest dog is taken to the vet when they show signs of illness or distress.

Do you have experience with sick or elderly pets?

Ablolutely!  I have taken care of senior dogs, diabetic dogs, blind dogs, and paralyzed dogs.  I will continue your pets medical routine and give then their medications as prescribed.

Where will my dog sleep at night?

Guest dogs sleep in my room, with me or in their own beds.  So whatever makes them feel at home, that's what they do.  If a pet owner insists on their pet sleeping in a crate at night, I will accommodate that long as their fur baby is happy and quiet with that arrangement. I have found if they are not happy...none of us sleeps.

How do you feed them?

All guests are kept on their normal food when provided, 
fed separately and monitored by me.

What if my dog doesn't adjust
to being away?

From my experience, even the most homesick pup will adjust by the third day.  It is my belief that a dog just wants to love and be loved.  Most dogs adjust and I become their temporary Mommy within a few hours.  Even the toughest ones by the third day, give in and accept me, then the love begins!

Are you available to pet sit?

I occasionally do pet sitting in my local area only.

Overnight Boarding
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Doggie Daycare
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“If you have any other questions, please call me.

We can schedule a complimentary meet and greet appointment for you and your little one."

The Doggie Nanny
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